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Youth Ballroom Teams

Youth Medley Gold Team
*10th - 12th Grade*

Premier Medley teams are for dancers who enjoy learning advanced choreography and participating in a competitive environment. Throughout the dance season, medley team students will learn two medley routines (one Latin and one Standard) and 1-3 show dance routines. 

The Premier 2024-25 dance season will begin on Monday, August 26, 2024 and will conclude on April 30, 2025. We follow the Davis School District calendar for holiday breaks but do not cancel classes or close the studio for professional development days. 

Team Calendar Items:

Summer Technique Classes: July 8th - August 1st

Premier will be holding a four week summer technique class session on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from July 8th to August 1st. ALL dancers on Showcase Competition and Medley teams are required to register for and participate in at least one Latin and one Standard class, but are welcome to sign up for more. 

Showcase Competition & Medley Teams Boot Camp: August 5th - August 8th

ALL dancers on a Showcase Competition or Medley team are required to participate in the August boot camp. This is where dancers begin to learn their competition choreography and get a head start on the competition season. 

Mandatory Parent Meeting: Friday, August 23rd at 4:00pm

All parents of dancers in a Showcase, Medley, and/or Performance team should plan on being present at the August parent meeting. This is where parents receive important information for the year and have the opportunity to participate in discussions and decision-making, including determining potential tour options for June 2025. The meeting will be held at Premier in Studio 2.

Mandatory Saturday Rehearsal for ALL Teams: Saturday, August 24th

All teams will be holding a 2-3 hour rehearsal on this day. Schedule TBA.

Studio Kick Off Pizza Party: Saturday, August 24th

All studio dancers are invited to participate in our kick off pizza party! This is a great opportunity for families to get to know each other and participate in some fun activities. Time and location will be announced later in the summer.

Competitions & Performances: Various

The list of competitions and performances that the Youth Medley team will participate in can be found below. 

Synergy DanceSport Festival: January 2025

Premier partners with the Simply Youth Ballroom program to produce the Synergy DanceSport Festival that will be held in January 2025. This competition serves as a fundraiser for the Youth tour and those that participate in helping organize and run this event will have a portion of the money generated from the competition applied toward their tour fee in the form of a scholarship. Dancers will both participate by competing in the competition as well as helping fill volunteer slots to help the event run. 

Medals Exams: April/May 2025

All medley and showcase team dancers that would like to perform in the end of year concert are required to participate in Medals Exams. Medals Exams are where Premier brings in an outside judge that will observe the student's dancing (typically using syllabus choreography) and give personalized feedback and a score based on that student's performance. 

Spring Concert: May 3, 2025

Every year Premier holds an end of year spring concert at the beginning of May. This is the perfect opportunity for your family to see your dancer perform in a theater/recital setting, complete with lighting and staging. During the week of the Spring Concert, there is an end of year awards banquet, a dress rehearsal, and the performance day. We have tentatively booked Roy High School as our performance venue for the 2025 Spring Concert. 

Youth Tour: June 2025

The Premier youth tour is optional and all youth age dancers (10th-12th grade) are invited to participate. More information will be forthcoming. 

Davis County School District Closure Dates:

As outlined above, Premier follows the Davis County School District holiday schedule when determining studio closures/class cancellations. The schedule for those holidays is as follows:

September 2, 2024 - Labor Day

October 17 & 18, 2024 - Fall Break

November 27 to 29, 2024 - Thanksgiving Break

December 23, 2024 to January 3 - Winter Break

January 20, 2025 - Martin Luther King Jr Day

February 17, 2025 - Presidents' Day

March 31 to April 4, 2025 - Spring Break

In addition to the dates above, Premier reserves the right to close the studio/cancel classes due to severely inclement weather (we try to prioritize the safety of our dancers and teachers whenever possible).

2024-25 Competition Dates:

The Youth Gold Medley team will compete in the following competitions:

January 2025 - Synergy DanceSport Festival (if ready)

January 24 & 25, 2025 - Provo High DanceSport Festival

February 1, 2025 - Utah DanceSport Challenge

March 11-15, 2025 - BYU Nationals

April 18 & 19, 2025 - Extreme DanceSport Invitational

2024-25 Performance Dates:

The Youth Gold Medley team will participate in the following performances:

December 2024 - The Festival of Trees & Senior Living Centers

May 2025 - End of Season Concert

Additional Information:

Extra Rehearsals:

Due to the highly competitive nature of Youth Medleys, this team will have up to 10 additional rehearsals throughout the season, in addition to their regularly scheduled classes. These practices will be scheduled well in advanced and will be listed on the season calendar that will be provided at the parent meeting in August 2024. All of these extra practices will occur on either a Friday or a Saturday. 

Spot Sharing:

Should the medley team have more than 8 ladies or gents, dancers will have the opportunity to "spot share" throughout the season. ALL dancers are guaranteed to compete in at least one medley/show dance per competition and perform in BOTH medleys and all show dances in at least one of the two Spring Concert shows. While challenging at times, spot sharing allows for more dancers to participate in this team sport and receive the opportunity to shine on the floor. Please note that dancers that miss three or more rehearsals in a row may lose their ability to share a spot, at the sole discretion of the team coach. Dancers may also potentially forfeit their spot if the miss rehearsals during the week before/of a performance or competition. In the case of extenuating circumstances, please maintain clear and advance communication with your dancer's coach to help ensure that your dancer has the best chance to retain their position. 

Weekly Syllabus/Technique Classes:

All Showcase & Medley team members are REQUIRED to take a weekly syllabus/technique class as part of their team commitment. Students taking these technique classes have the option to use the syllabus technique routines provided in class for individual competitions. All Medley team students are required to compete in at least two competitions with a partner during the 2024-25 dance season (dancers may choose if they would prefer to compete in syllabus or open competition categories). 

Required Service Hours:

Premier strives to keep tuition and fee costs as low as possible. One way we are able to do this is by asking families to donate their time and complete service hours. Each family is REQUIRED to offer a minimum of 5 service hours over the course of the dance season. Service hours may include activities such as: helping with studio parties, competitions, performances, costume management and upkeep, etc. Because we know that many people are extraordinarily busy these days, there is an option to "buy out" your family's service hours by at a rate of $15/service hour for those that would prefer to donate funds instead of time. Families may choose what mix of hours they would prefer to serve or buy out based on their personal preferences/schedules. For example, your family may be able to contribute three service hours and prefer to buy out the other two for $30 total. Information on how to submit these hours is forthcoming. 


Please note that it is the responsibility of each dancer to know and follow the class/team attire expectations as outlined in the disclosure document that was provided prior to auditions. Dancers are also responsible for providing their own performance/competition essentials, including supplies for tanning and doing hair and makeup, as determined by the team coach. 


Team Fees:


Required Fees:

Monthly Tuition: varies based on how many classes a student is taking. Please refer to the tuition

                              scale for relevant tuition rates.

2024-25 Season Annual Registration Fee: $35 (due May 31st, 2024)

July Technique Classes Fee: $105

August Boot Camp: $145

2024-25 Season Costume Rental Fee: $215 (due August 5th, 2024)

2024 Christmas Performance Fee: $15 (due December 5th, 2024)

2024-25 Season Competition Fee: $90 (due January 5th, 2025)

2025 Concert Fee: $80/first dancer and $15/additional dancer (due January 5th, 2025)

                                         *this fee includes a student ticket to the catered end of year banquet, four family tickets to the

                                                      concert, and a digital download of the concert recording*

Optional Fees:

Youth Tour: $ TBD

Potential Workshops & Master Classes

Youth Medley Gold Team

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